LLC Class of 1998 – 1999

Tommie Agee  –  Opelika Parks and Recreation
Art Blackburn  –  Quantegy, Inc.
Richard Byerly  –  East Alabama Medical Center
Wade Catchings  –  Briggs & Stratton
Trish DeGraffenreid  –  Child Advocacy Center
Sally Duncan  –  Colonial Bank
George Echols  –  Alabama Power
Troy Godwin  –  Farmers National Bank/Bancorp South Bank
Jon Howard  –  Roy F. Weston, Inc./ Weston Solutions, Inc.
Andy Huggins  –  AmSouth Bank
Yvonne Phillips  –  State Education Consultant
Lynda Rainer  –  Auburn City Schools
Richard Ray  –  Alabama Gas Corporation
Gary Spooner  –  The Owen Center
Lynn Sumners  –  Terra Cotta Café
Sherri Sumners  –  Ecological Insulation, Inc.
Kim Thompson  –  Business Council of Alabama
Todd Vick  –  Compass Bank
Benjie Walker  –  Auburn Police Department – retired
Ethel White  –  Auburn Day Care Centers
Kevin Woods  –  Auburn Chamber of Commerce