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LLC Alumni Association Launches

The Leadership Lee County Board of Directors has been busy this year working to convert LLC into a non-profit organization and to create a long overdue LLC Alumni Association. The LLC Alumni Association consists of a special group of committed graduates of the Leadership Lee County program who provide charitable membership gifts to elevate the current Leadership Lee County classes and to support alumni activities. The purpose of the LLC Alumni Association is to connect members across graduation years, keep graduates engaged in the community and to build lifetime relationships. The LLC Alumni Association was established as a means to continue serving its graduates to enhance, extend and strengthen a legacy of leadership in the community and there are already 20 (change number after tomorrow night!!) members after the announcement was made last week.

There are many benefits to becoming a member of the LLC Alumni Association. Members will be offered volunteer opportunities to assist the LLC Board of Directors with current initiatives. The first volunteer initiatives will center around establishing and growing the membership of the Alumni Association. Members will also be asked to help plan and implement program days for current class participants as it fits for each of the sessions. For example, if an Alumni Association member works for one of the school systems it would be a great help to have a member help host for Education Day. Members will also have access to an annual directory with email information for nearly 300 program graduates. Members will have the opportunity to provide project suggestions for the incoming class participants’ service project, will be provided quarterly email updates and invitations to alumni events.

To become a member of the Leadership Lee County Alumni Association, please make an annual membership gift of $40 or a lifetime membership of $300. All gifts made to LLC are tax deductible. You can make a contribution online at or by mailing a check to Leadership Lee County Alumni Association, PO Box 1370, Auburn, AL 36831.